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About imP.A.C.T. Training

Our upcoming imP.A.C.T. Training is much more than ADA rules and guidelines. Through this half-day workshop, clients will emerge with a better understanding of hearing loss and what your business can do to better serve customers and employees who are deaf or hard of hearing.

About imP.A.C.T Training

imP.A.C.T. Training is designed to:

  • Increase understanding of what it means to have hearing loss
  • Improve communication with better sensitivity and awareness
  • Improve understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its implications
  • Drive awareness of assistive hearing tools and technology
  • Remove stigmas associated with hiring and working with the deaf and hard of hearing

Is It Right for Me?

From retail and customer service to construction and transportation, imP.A.C.T. Training is beneficial for companies of any size in almost any industry that interacts directly with the public.

Our training is designed for small business owners, executives, HR directors and personnel, hiring managers, training personnel, corporate communication teams and many others.

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