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Deaf Music Producer Uses Music to Raise Funds for H.E.A.R. Me Out

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“Being deaf shouldn’t stop anyone from creating the music they love.”

That’s the mantra of music producer Darnell Parks, Founder and Chairman of H.E.A.R. Me Out, a nonprofit organization with a mission to connect hearing impaired adults to the resources they need to help them overcome challenges with their disability.

Parks, who has a profound hearing loss in his left ear and is completely deaf in his right ear, has been producing music since 1994. His love of music is one form of expression that helps him to overcome challenges with his hearing loss.

Now Parks is using his music to help raise funds for the H.E.A.R. Me Out.  In a unique partnership with local renowned poetry artist Conchetta Armstrong, the collaboration led to a poetry project called ‘Beautiful Chaos’.

Beautiful Chaos is 14 song musical journey that features an eccentric mixture of poetry, music and catchy song crafting.  The record which was recorded and produced entirely by Parks; is a fusion of classic jazz, hip-hop, soul and blues styles of music.

“My goal for this fund raising project is to provide a source of inspiration, not just for those living with a hearing loss, but also for anyone who has a challenge overcoming obstacles in their lives,” says Parks.

He adds that having a profound hearing loss actually helps him with his music. “Because of my disability, I actually hear and feel music a little differently than others might,” he says.

Parks partnered with Armstrong to create Beautiful Chaos as a means to deliver a positive message.  “This record is about life.” says Armstrong when asked about the themes chosen for the project. “I was definitely inspired by my own experiences as well as other people’s experiences in life.  I wanted this project to make people think of the connectedness and the impact that our decisions have on each other.”

Beautiful Chaos is available online through the H.E.A.R. Me Out website.  You can support Parks and Beautiful Chaos by purchasing or downloading the product at



About the Author
My name is Darnell Parks. I am a music producer and audio recording engineer with a profound hearing loss. I was born completely deaf in the right ear, and my left ear had a slight hearing loss. Throughout the years, my hearing in my left ear has progressively gotten worse. And that continues to this day.

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