The Resources You Need For Your Hearing...

How Prepared Is Your Business?

Male Portrait TransparentWondering if your business is ready to meet the needs of your customers and employees who have hearing loss? Here’s a few questions that can help you determine if imP.A.C.T. Training is right for your business.

  • Do you and your employees know what to look for to determine if a customer or fellow employee might be deaf or hard-of-hearing?
  • Do you and your employees know the appropriate way to ask patrons or employees with hearing loss how to best accommodate them?
  • If your business works directly with the public, does your training or orientation include information on how to serve deaf or hard-of-hearing customers?
  • Does your company’s employee training include visual reinforcement tools (e.g. closed captioning for videos, written materials) for employees with hearing loss?
  • Do your employees know simple ways to improve communication with the deaf and hard of hearing?
  • Do your employees know what behaviors to avoid that could cause embarrassment, discrimination or a hostile work environment for the deaf and hard of hearing?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, we encourage you to learn more about our imP.A.C.T. Training and how it can help your business.