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Hearing-impaired music producer gives back to Colorado

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FOX 31 DenverDENVER –The nearly 500,000 Coloradans that are hard of hearing have a new resource this week thanks to a generous member of the community.

Colorado native Darnell Parks was born completely deaf in his right ear with profound hearing loss in his left.

He’s the founder of H.E.A.R. Me Out, a website that offers resources and information for the deaf and hard of hearing and their spouses, family members and friends, as well as individuals and employers that are curious about hearing loss culture and accommodations for the hearing impaired.

Parks recognized a need for the service when he was passed over for an IT job because it required a high amount of work on the phone, and the company was realized it was unable to accommodate him after they initially extended the offer.

“What I recognized is that even though hearing loss is the number one disability in the world, there is a major lack of awareness for available technologies that people can use. More importantly from my own experiences, I recognized that there was a lack of understanding for how to facilitate better communication with the deaf and hard of hearing in work environments,” Parks said in a release.

Parks himself has overcome his hearing loss to become a music producer. His album, “Beautiful Chaos,” raises funds for the organization.

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